Lately there is being a lot of discussion going on about bloggers. Everyone has an opinion about bloggers and how they should run their blog and I must say that for a big part I agree with the pet peeves of other bloggers and readers of blogs. I will tell you what I think makes a good blogger.

I see so many bloggers nowadays. When I started, back in 2012 there were only a few and Strawberry Singh was who inspired me the most. She is a good example of how a blogger should blog in SL. I am sure most of you have read her blog.

So now let me tell you what I think makes a blogger a good blogger.

  1. A good blogger should list everything that is in the pic. (Not only the “free”stuff you get). Yes, even the skin. (Sorry, this statement will get me a discussion with some for sure, but it is how I feel). If you don’t want people to know then I’d wear a skin that is not my regular skin and list that.
  2. List everything with a LM to the event or to the store and not only the brands and events where you get your stuff from to blog. Also the things you have bought yourself.
  3. Make the product visible on your blog. If you blog a skin then do a close-up. If your main pic is a full body shot place a close up of the skin on your blog. (Like I do in this post). The hardest item for me to blog is shoes but as you can see here I used these shoes as part of my outfit and added a close up of them to show my readers what they look like in a closer shot.
  4. List the pose you use! Without a pose there is no shot. These people are very creative people and they deserve the mention so please don’t forget about posemakers.
  5. Do not copy others. Yes you can get inspired by others, I get inspired by other bloggers all the time but do not copy the exact same look or scene, it is lazy and boring.
  6. Do not get too excited with editing a blog pic. If for example you are blogging hair don’t add extra hair strands in photoshop (or any other editor for that matter). It will not show your readers a good image of the actual hair. Don’t use a lot of overlay textures on your blog pics, it will only distract and not enhance. Keep the editing light and simple. Keep the colors as they are. In this pic, for example, I just used the raw filter in Photoshop to brighten the pic a bit.
  7. Do not go on social media asking why you were not picked as a blogger for this brand or that event. It causes drama and no brand or event likes drama. Instead go to the blogger manager and ask why you were not picked or just move on and be thankful for the brands and events you do get stuff from to blog.
  8. Try to meet your deadlines on Blogotex (this has been a struggle for me sometimes too). But if you can’t make a deadline many times in a row you should just be honest with them and yourself. I recently left a brand I always wanted to blog for but because I had a hard time with keeping up I felt the need to just be honest. Do not take products and then leave. Blog the products you grabbed and then leave. I would also like to address the fact that many bloggers just leave without saying anything. This is very rude in my opinion. In Blogotex there is a box where you can type and if you leave an event (inworld group) then let the blogger manager know. This is only common courtesy. It will not make you look good if you just leave without a word.

I am sure I forgot some things there but for me these are the things that make a good blogger. I do not call myself a great blogger but I try to do my best. I have had many struggles about my pics. But I think I have found my way in showcasing the items as good as possible. I try not to overedit my blog pics. If you want to do an artsy pic then you probably shouldn’t be called a blogger but a photographer.

I must admit that I sometime forget to list something too, when it is something I always wear like eyes and rings but when I notice it I always go back to the post and change it.

I have started blogging because I love to take pics and I love to dress up my pixeldoll. I also love to help others with their look so this way I can do what I love and help others at the same time.

Last I would like to tell you to look at your blog (or somoene else’s blog for that matter) as a reader. A reader of a fashion blog would like to know where the necklace is from that the blogger is wearing in the pic. Bummer! It isn’t listed. Would you like it if you are looking for that one item that you saw in a pic but there is no info about it? Exactly.

I enjoy blogging and helping others. I hope this post helped you a bit and if you have anything to add please be my guest and put it in the comments below.

Happy shopping and Happy blogging! ❤

Blogger issues

blogger issues page


Hair: Stealthic – Intrepid @ C88.

Headband: :::ChicChica::: Dora Headband @ Salon 52.

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face @ Skin Fair.

Skin: [Glam Affair] Diana @ ACCESS.

Eyes: AG. Striking Eyes Gacha – Mesh – (lootbox special)

Necklace: MINIMAL – Chelin Letter Necklace K @ Kustom9(opens the 15h)

Top: Blueberry – Ivy – Crop Top.

Pants: -Pixicat- Sam.Wide Pants @ C88.

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Thelma Stiletto @ UNIK.

Pose: Amitie Shopping Day Gacha 07.

Location: Scarlett Isle.



2 Replies to “Blogger issues”

  1. I agree with all of the above except I like to see a slurl to the store and the event. After all, someone might read the post after the event ended and then they can still get to the store! I think a lot of bloggers forget that blogging is about providing information for the reader of the blog…if they have no readers, they have no following then they will eventually have no one to blog for!!! Great post Keely…see, we really do think alike!!! lol

    1. Yes I noticed that you add slurls to the stores too, I must admit that I am at fault there 😛 But always room for improvement and I am always open to suggestions. Yep we do think alike, it’s almost scary! lol Nah, you are a great blogger and a good example of how I think a blogger should blog. ❤

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