Love triangle

I don’t  usually talk about rejections but I just wanted to say something about it today. I am not angry or sad or bitching about my last rejection. I simply want to state that I try my best to meet the requirements, I know this is important as a blogger but also as a blogger manager I know that sometimes it’s hard for someone for whatever reason and I am always trying to be understanding and reasonable about it towards the bloggers I manage.

My rejection was on Blogotex. I just got accepted to blog for this brand a few weeks ago and love their creations. I made one post so far and another one was in the works this week, I had seven days left on Blogotex to complete my post and that was enough as I almost finished my second post for this brand. The first post was an item that was in an event and I always put a slurl where the item can be found. Like really always. What I never do is put the slurl of the brand’s mainstore with it because the particular item is located at the event. When it’s a mainstore release I always put the LM of the mainstore. This store has a rule to always put the slurl to the mainstore too but because I am so used to this type of blogging I just simply forgot. I got a “warning” on my post and I thought to myself I will remember it with my next post. No problem. Wrong! I got ejected from their Blogotex before I could add my second post, remember I still had 7 days left when this happened. So the reason given was: They were looking for more active bloggers (Hey I had 7 days left for my next post!) And I failed to undo my mistake (No LM to their mainstore in my post!) To me this is not very good managing. My honest opinion.

On another note: I loved doing this pic with my handsome men! ❤

Happy shopping!

Love triangle

Unedited pic:

no edit surf


Hair + hairbase: ItGirls – Sporty Hairb+Pony – Mesh (Unrigged02).

Outfit: -:zk:- Aurora Beach Shirt & Swimsuit @ Vanity Event.

Bracelets: :::NOIR::: Mia Bracelets.

Pose in 1st pic: : SenseS: Trio 07.



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