Ice cream is always a good idea

She stood there, watching the small creatures in the sea, the waves hitting the warm sand of the beach, whishing he was there with her. So she could tell him how much she loves and adores him and he would tell her the same. “That’s all that matters,” she thinks to herself “and ice cream, ice cream matters too.” The thought of him and ice cream together put a little smile on her face. The things one can do with an ice cream.. Grin.

Happy thoughts ❤

Ice cream is always a good idea


Hair: MINA Hair – Lianne @ Good Vibes Fair.

Tattoo: DAPPA – Dominus Tattoo @ Kinky.

Top: Addams // Lillian Top Short Sleeve.

Shorts: Addams // Trisha Denim Ripped Short.

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Archangel @ Good Vibes Fair.

Pose: Ana Poses – Mexico City @ Shiny Shabby.


dust bunny . ice cream vending machine.

Ariskea[Hawaii] Hibiscus Potted Yellow.

DaD “Summertime Cushion”, “Vintage Film Projector” and “Crate Coffee Table light white”.



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