Today’s menu

Today’s menu has two choices: Take it or leave it. And seeing all this I think I will take it 😛

Today's menu


Build: hive // built-in kitchen skybox.

Coffee & Tea Bar: Eleventh Hour: Keely’s Coffee & Tea Bar and on Marketplace.

Spilled eggs, unwhisked eggs and recipe tin: hive //.

Low Cast Iron Pot, Tall Silver Pot and Frying Pan: DRD.

Copper Kettle and Eat Sign: Pixel Mode – The Kitchen.

Kitchen Utensils and Kitchen Mixer: {what next} ‘Patisserie.

Rolled crust and used flour scoop: hive //.

Hanging plants: dust bunny . darling hanging plant.

Dough bowl, butter tray, homemade cherry filling, fresh cherries, sugar jar and fill the pie: hive //.

Wood sign and Counter Clutter: DRD.

Dish Drainer: {what next}

Newspaper and Coffee: LISP.

Snowdrops in Cloche: Apple Fall.

Licking Red Cat: ..::THOR::.. *Gift*

Apple pie and bread basket: dust bunny . wanderlust.

Dolce basket and tea pot and cups: —ANHELO

Potted Succulent: ..::THOR::.. Get Inspired!

Old Stools: Nutmeg&RK Poses. Old Stool Animated Group Gift.




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