I have a big heart. Which is probably my biggest flaw. I love easily but not many at the same time, though. (I do not have a large group of friends). Once I’m committed I’m all in. And not likely to let go or give up just like that when things get difficult. But after I’m over someone who did give up on me there is usually no going back.

“And the thing is that some people give too much and therefore hurt too much. But they are left with no choice because not giving hurts just the same..”


With that being said I need to forgive. Because hate is just another way of holding on. And some people just don’t belong here anymore.



Head: Genesis Lab. Molly.

Skin applier: Genesis Lab. Tiffany.

Hair: Vanity Hair: Bloomed @ Spring Flair.

Roses crown: CLOCKHAUS @ Spring Flair.

Tattoo: Dappa – Paradise @ Equal10.

Top: [AB] Spring Crop Top @ Spring Flair.

Pose: RM – Pose Set 61 @ Spring Flair.



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