Beach life

I love going to the sea to clear my mind. Usually I go there when something is bothering me or when I feel sad. It’s a 20 – 25 min drive from where I live and I don’t go there on a weekly basis but when I do, I always come home feeling brand new.

This pic has got nothing to do with all of the above obviously. But it just made me think of how I feel when I am going to the sea. I love the sound of the water splashing onto the rocks. I love the smell. Somehow it makes me feel safe and I don’t know why that is because as a young child I almost drowned in the swimming pool. I don’t like swimming particularly, I just like walking down the sea, inhaling the fresh air and just clear my mind.

With River I feel safe too. We go back a long time, 5 years actually. But we lost track of each other when he left SL. I am glad he is back. I feel comfortable with him, relaxed. Not once have I doubted him. He is sincere and brutally honest when I need it. It’s rare in SL. A lot of people are not who they say they are and I don’t trust a whole lot of them. The ones that I have given my trust in the past betrayed that but they didn’t break me. I am just being more careful now. I don’t let new people in so easy if not at all. But River, he is not new. He was my friend after we broke up as a couple (many years ago), a good friend. And now, now he is my best friend. ❤

Beach life


Hair: Navy+Copper – Espresso @ Fameshed.

Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2002.

Outfit: Addams // Cinthya Sport Jacket and Jogger.

Shoes: REIGN.– Arianna Sneakers.

Pose: PM . 247

Location: Norderney. (You need to join the group)



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