Stop the hate

It’s one of those days. In this case a Sunday, full of thoughts and reflecting. I love blogging. It’s one thing I never really stopped doing in the last 5 years of my SL. I tried to quit but I still credited people on my pics on Flickr. I have encountered quite some rejections in those years and I’ve never felt upset about it, disappointed yeah, but never upset. I always try to improve and just apply again when the time is there. I have never questioned those rejections until now. I think you need to fit in a certain group of people to be invited to blog for example an event. I don’t mingle much. I don’t interact much on Facebook. I don’t comment on Flickr pics mostly (I do fave the pics I like, though). And most of all I don’t kiss ass. I am not accusing anyone so don’t be offended. This post is about me and my blogging. I have found out that people are judging without knowing someone. I have a small circle of friends but like I said I don’t really mingle so how can anyone know who I am? From hear say? From reading hateful things on gossip sites? It’s just sad that people don’t try to get to know someone anymore. I have never had a fight with a creator or a blogger. An argument with a few bloggers because I am also a blogger manager but a fight, no, never. I don’t talk bad about creators/bloggers/people in general on social media. I just want to enjoy taking pics and blog the things I like. I am not perfect but I try to be loyal to the people who provide me their creations and buy everything else and support those creators and events, even though I am not on their bloggers list. It doesn’t cost a lot of time and the readers don’t have to wonder where an item is from. I have always been blogging like this. Also for brands and events who kept rejecting me. I am an overall positive person and grateful to those who did invite me to blog for them.

Stop the hate ❤ (Not only on SL but everywhere).

Stop the hate


Hair: TRUTH / Caralisa.

Head: Catwa, Catya.

Skin: . MILA . Belinda Skin @ Skin Fair.

Tattoo: Tattoo: *Bolson – Amadeus @ TMD.

Top: toksik – Dolce Top @ Kustom9.

Jeans: ( Holly Mill ) – Deelish Jeans II Punk’d @ Kustom9.

Pose: PM . Vivian @ Limit8.

Backdrop: ninety – antisocial [ backdrop ] @ Kustom9.

Safety barrel, trash can, bike sign, stop sign and violaters sign: Seven Emporium.



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