Chance encounter

“Do you come here often?” He asked. “Only when I know you walk down the street.” She answered with a smile. “Are you stalking me?” He asked with a grin on his face. “Yes.” She answered looking down at her feet, shy, but then all of the sudden she asked him what she wanted to ask him for a long time, watching him from behind the curtains when he was walking by her house: “Can I invite you to come over sometime? I live up there, the appartment with the pink curtains” He looked at her and amusingly asked: “What will you do with me there?” “Cook you dinner”, she smiled. “I’ll take you up on it.” He said. And before they both went their own way he couldn’t help but laugh and said: “By the way, I live in the building next to you, a floor up.”

Chance encounter


Hair: little bones. Ion

Jumpsuit: !APHORISM! – Eve Jumpsuit @ Fameshed.

Shoes: FDD *Y2K* Super-Pointy-Toe Pumps @ Rewind.

Both our poses are from Ana Poses. She makes such good poses for in your personal AO. They are slightly moving and very naturel breathing.

Buildings: BUENO – After Hours Loft Buildings @ Fameshed.



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