..falls into place. Exciting news! Today River reopens his store Eleventh Hour. After being away for 3 years he is back to building again. In this post you will find the new releases. The store will be open in just a few hours. We will be looking for bloggers too so make sure to slap the blogotex board in the main store if you want to have a chance to blog home and decor items.

Other items are from Nutmeg, Apple Fall, Black Bantam, Junk, Dust Bunny and Di’Cor.

Full scene 2Century LoungeBear BookcaseNutmeg. Just a bunch of pillowsThe roderick 2The Roderick


Eleventh Hour: Century Lounge Chairs, The Roderick Sofa and Chair, The Hobby Table, Moon Lamp, Bear Bookcase and Whale Bookend.

Nutmeg:  Just a bunch of pillows and Vintage Tabletop Wreath. @ Shiny Shabby Old Stools Animated Group Gift.

Apple Fall: Twig Wreath, Books Occasional Table, Olive Tree, Wooden Trunk, Books & Map and Hillside Manor Sketch.

Dust Bunny: wanderlust . flower skull, darling hanging plant, pilea peper plant and woodland dreams . hedgehog planter.

Other items:

Skybox: BALACLAVA!! Cambie Skybox.

Animal rugs: junk.

Dis Mine Food Puppy: [Black Bantam] @ Kustom9.

Petals Brunch – Slippers Deco and Hanging Slippers Planter: -ATTIC- @ Kustom9.

Fireplace: Di’Cor Marilyn Fireplace.

Curtain and blinds: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Blinds and Curtain. (Former arcade gacha item)




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