Presenting: Adult club Mata Hari!

Yes! Pepper and I opened a brand new adult club called Mata HariWhen thinking of a name for the club this came almost immediately to my mind. Mata Hari was a Frisian (Dutch) exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I. She lived from August 7 1876 – October 15 1917. If it interests you then you can read all of this here. Now some things about our club. We would love seeing people hang out and have (adult) fun. There are basicly no rules but we don’t allow child av’s for obvious reasons and av’s under the age of 30 days. But that’s about it. There is no dress code, heck you can even come naked if you like! We have tried to make the rooms more look like a home than a club. Though we have a bar, a pole to dance on and a pool table ;). There is even a gloryhole (wink wink). So if you want to hang out with some really no- drama, cool people I suggest to stop by, have a look and invite your friends. I’m sure you will want to come back! 😀 And the best thing: NO LAG! I am sure you all like that! Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy, just hit this slurl: Mata HariSee you soon! ❤

I would like to mention some sponsors and designers who made it possible to make this how we wanted it to be: :: Tartessos Arts ::BN inc.DutchieStockholm&Lima, PixelmodeWarm, DIGS, and many more. Thank you all! ❤

Mata Hari 13 copy

Mata Hari 12 copy

Mata Hari 11 copy

Mata Hari 10 copy

Mata Hari 9 copy

Mata Hari 8 copy

Mata Hari 7 copy

Mata Hari 6 copy

Mata Hari 5 copy

Mata Hari 4 copy

Mata Hari 3 copy

Mata Hari 2 copy

Mata Hari 1 copy

Come check us out for yourself! Mata Hari!


Pepper and Keely.

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