This pose made me feel a bit sad. So many years have passed and so many people have come and go. Some from the “old” days are still my friends, some have left SL but still in my heart and some have parted ways. The past year or so I have not been hanging out much with anyone on SL, simply because RL needs my care and attention more than ever. When I am online I am either taking pics, putting an outfit together, decorating homes, writing a post or working at Gizza. When people want to meet me I am feeling I can’t give them the attention they deserve because I am mostly distracted by RL, even when I’m logged in. It’s easier to walk away from the computer when “only” doing blog related things. For a big part of my SL (8 years ago I created my first account), it seemed like SL was so very important to me, and all the people in it that I sometimes forgot about RL. I know a lot of you can relate to this. The past years I see all beauty that RL has to offer again. And by almost losing my RL partner a few months ago (he almost didn’t survive a pulmonary embolism), that got me thinking. I can’t live a second life anymore. Not how I used to. And though I care for my friends on SL a lot, I can’t be that person anymore. Of course you’ll find me hanging out on a dancefloor, the naughty bar or at a friend’s house every once in a while but RL is and always will be priority, no matter what. ❤



Skin: DeeTaleZ, Calla in Eastern. And WowMeh body applier.

Mesh body: WowMeh.

Hair: !lamb. Cry Baby – Ink @ Collabor88.

Bracelets: Eudora 3D Runes of the North Bracelet @ We ❤ Role Play.

Ring: ::TI:: Ring square – Black Night @ ::Suicide DollZ::

Hoodie: [Cynful] Spring Hoodie Grey.

Tattoo: elska @ she&him event. (WowMeh body applier)

Belt: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt.

Jeans: !TLB – Darling Jeans/Grey/ @ ::Suicide DollZ::

Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Pinup Peep – YJob @ Collabor88.

Pose: . Infiniti . – Forgotten Memories  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Scene:  ~*GOD*~ Dream Scene Bubble Rezzer.



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