Koek en Zopie.

Weird title you might think but this is how this skate shack from 11th Hour is called in Holland. Or actually koek en zopie means food and drinks. Many, many years ago they served booze on the ice skating rink but obviously that is not allowed anymore lol. Everyone in Holland is crazy about ice skating, (one way or another, I love watching instead of doing) and every year the whole of Holland hopes for the 11 steden tocht (the Eleven-Cities Tour) a 200km marathon skate in Friesland that takes place entirely on natural ice. So rare is it that enough ice to forms along the route that it has only been run 15 times since it officially began in 1909, though the race is said to have been around for hundreds of years. Hope you all didn’t fall asleep by reading this little piece of history about Holland lol. Blame it on River, by making this skate shack he brought me back in time ;). (And no I am really not that old!) On with the pics and credits. Happy shopping everyone! ❤

Koek en Zopie

Koek en Zopie close up


Shape: Perfect Silhouette, Pearl. Or Marketplace.

Skin: DeeTaleZ, Cherly in Mixedtype.

Hair: [RA] Amy Hair.

Eyes: Ikon, Spectral eyes in Green at Fameshed.

Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies”

Teeth: RedGrave, Part of the Bella skin.

Dermal gemstone: <-Puncture->

Necklace: Gizza, Peacock at the Jewelry and Accessory Expo.

Body: Gawk! Fawn Vintage Body.

Vest: DeeTaleZ Mesh Cardigan black at Frost.

Jeans: DeeTaleZ Mesh Pants loose low-rise jeans black.

Shoes: N-core, Glance.

Skate shack: 11th Hour at The garden.



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