Serious Request.

This RL event is From Dec. 18 until 24. Dutch radio DJ’s will be living in “het glazen huis” (the glass house) during these days. They don’t eat, only have healthy drinks and nothing else. They will be playing songs for listeneres and viewers who then will pay money for a good cause. This year it’s for the red cross’ help for clean drinkwater and hygiene. Every year 800.000 children are dying because of  diarrhea, thats 2200 children per day. The Red Cross helps and Serious Request helps the Red Cross by organizing this event. Also in SL is an event being held for this cause. A lot of creators have been donating things for the auction in SL. The event started yesterday and will run until friday. Club NL will have auctions and live events, all for this good cause. So if you want to help then I suggest you go there and made a donation or bid on great things! For questions send an IM to:
-Virus Melody head organization and dj’s
-petra Oximoxi hosts, auction, sponsoring
-Stellie hazelnut artists

Taxi to the event!

My donation: Perfect Silhouette. My personal shape. Sorry, is sold already for 1200L!

Serious Request  box

Donation from Rack Poses: Sweet couple pose. Place a high bid on this beautiful, lovely pose!

RACK Poses - Embrace (serious request)

Donation from In~Stance: The beautiful “Stand by me” pose! (With also the “Friese vlag”!)




Keely ❤

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