Staying home…

I rather stay home.. Where it’s warm and cozy.. Say you wanna stay home too.. With me..

Staying home...

Couch, Pouf and rug from TA, Avenue livingroom set. Coffee table: LAQ Decor. Newspaper stand from Bazar. Wall art from [CIRCA].

Staying home2

Motivation poster from Bazar, Fireplace + pictures: Scarlet Creative, Twigs Vase: StoraxTree, Flower Vase: [AG] Bookend: 11th Hour (Sept. groupgift), Picture frames and sofa table: TA.

Staying home3

Fireplace & Rug: DIGS, Vase and plant: Bazar, Vintage poster: [North West] Steamline Bookshelf: 11th Hour, Chair, Milan Lounge: AF.

Staying home4

Tealights: :CP: Prints: LISP Dresser + crate seat: 11th Hour, Persian Rug: StoraxTree, Coffee art: Bazar.

Staying home5

Kitchen: :CP: Vintage coffee poster: [North West], Apples: StoraxTree, Pumpkin vase and Cabinet: 11th Hour.

Staying home6

Landon chair: 11th Hour, Persian Rug: StoraxTree, Sideboard + decor + posters: TA, Vases: Bazar.

House is from Bazar.



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