The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (Part 1)

TRFF poster

My first post for this great event! I just love the hairstyles and fashion from the 50’s and 60’s. So I was very excited to blog about this event. And yea I even love Elvis 😛 In this post I’ll be showing you 3 styles. Shoes in these pics are from N-core and eyes from IKON. Almost everything else can be found at the fair, but to be sure check the credits below the pics. Happy shopping! ❤

Cherries 1

Cherries 1 close up


Skin: Zoul Creations, Abi.

Hair: K-CODE, Claudia at The Rockabilly Fashion Fair.

Jewelry: {me.} Looty Knit at Limited Bazaar.

Dress: DN, Fella Dress at The Rockabilly Fashion Fair.

flamingo 3


Skin: Zoul Creations, Abi.

Hair: Truth, Sassy in Reds.

Jewelry: MG.

Dress: +Missnoise + Pencil Dress Strapless at The Rockabilly Fashion Fair.

Bracelets: Not for sale anymore.

cadillac 4


Skin: Zoul Creations, Abi.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * JEAN*.

Jewelry not for sale anymore.

Dress: ARISKEA// Dance On at The Rockabilly Fashion Fair.

Pics were taken at the Artilleri sim.

xoxo Keely.

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