My home in the sky..

Here’s another look in my skybox as it slowly progresses 😉 No need to write more here, the pictures speak for itself, as always credits below them..

My home in the sky..

My home in the sky 2

My home in the sky... kitchen

My home in the sky... kitchen 2


Hinge shelf: 11th Hour for The mens department.

Chandelier: FANATIK.

Chair in the back, pile of books, deer mount, minitable, lamp, whisky, cigars, fireplace tools and rug: TARTESSOS ARTS.

Chair in front: Dutchie, maledom chair 2.0.

Cabinet, tall table with telephone, kitchen, lemon basket diningroom cabinet and head sculptore : Bazar.

Floor lamp, pencil sketch, ecru table and kitchen stools: Trompe Loeil

Log store, small stool, small rugs and table lamp: DIGS.

Ember Fireplace: [ARIA]

Cow skull: Zinnias.

Thick black frame, picture cage and kitchen curtains: The Loft.

Skybox: Kuro, Olisipo skybox.



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