Happy Halloween!

Today a post with yet again Halloween stuff! I love this 🙂 Here in Holland its not really common to celebrate it so in SL I’m trying to decorate as much as possible. The orange bike is from Storax Tree and only 49L today (secret wednesday), the trunks are also from the same store and only 55L on thursday (tomorrow). The crate with pumpkins is from 11th Hour and can be found at the Halloween hunt at The Nest. The scarecrow is from TA and if you click it it gives you a menu with 6 “Thriller” dances to pick from, so it makes you dance, really funny. The hat that I wear is from JFL and as you can see it’s not only for guys 😛 The clothes I’m wearing are from Deetalez and can also be worn with the LOLAS and Phatazz, since there are appliers for in the store. And the boots from [R3] look really cool. They come with a hud for more colors. My pose is from Infiniti and is called “I had a bad day”, comes with runny eyes tattoo layers too for a more dramatic look but I didn’t feel like crying much 😛 You can find it at Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo, which starts tomorrow. Happy shopping!

Happy Halloween


On me:

Skin: Belleza, Ava in Tan.

Hair: Eaters Coma, Gift 03.

Hat: JFL, Plains hat in Black.

Hands (Mesh): Slink, Casual hands.

Shirt: DeeTaleZ, usedlook top “too small for you” in Tan.

Jeans: DeeTaleZ, applebutt jeans in Grey.

Belt: Nyte’N’Day, Ginger Belt in Tan.

Boots: [R3] Calamity Boots [V1].

Pose: .Infiniti. Had a bad day #1. Exclusive for the Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo. Starts tomorrow!


Scarecrow: TA, Halloween Scarecrow.

Bicycle: StoraxTree. Only 49L today!

Halloween wooden trunks: StoraxTree. only 55L tomorrow!

Crate with pumpkins: 11th Hour, Pumpkin Storage Crate for The Nest’s Halloween Hunt.

Location: Home 😀



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