Like a virgin..

When I think about the 80’s (yes I’m that old :P) I always hear a song of Madonna in my head. I remember dancing at the disco on her songs all night long lol. What Miley Cyrus did on stage is nothing compared to what Madonna did back then, and now after 20 years or so they still all go nuts when seeing a girl behave like that on stage. Anyway, this outfit reminded me of back in the days and while “Like a virgin” is humming in my head I write this post. Have a great day! ❤

Eighties - Like a virgin

Eighties - Like a virgin close


Shape: Perfect Silhouette, Val. New! Special price! And Inworld Store open now!

Skin: The skin shop, Bianca in skintone 11. (Toned).

Complete outfit with headphones, shades, necklace and shoes!: NS::

Poses: TuTy’s, stylish, sexy female poses (hud).

Location: Sex Drugs & RocK’N’RoLL Disco Bar



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