I won’t play that game anymore..

In this post I would like to show you items from events that are going on right now. Of course the Silicone event and the She & Him event are still alive and kicking but also Colabor88 has started with a new round and last but not least the Seasons story event, starting tomorrow. (no LM yet) Happy shopping ❤

I won't play the game no more3..

I won't play the game no more2..

I won't play the game no more..


Shape: Perect Silhouette, Jen.

Skin: Belleza, Leila at Colabor88.

Eyes: {D.A}, Shattered.

Eyelashes: RedGrave, 16 Elemental.

Teeth: RedGrave, Part of the Bella skin.

Earrings: MG, Nima’s Fall Leaf at Colabor88.

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Bean Hair in Winter at Colabor88.

Sweater: :FY: Lily Sweater at the Silicone event.

Pants: {ViSion}  S&F Caballi in Rose at the She & Him event.

Shoes: JD – Catty at the Seasons story event. (Starting tomorrow!)

Pose in pic 1: Pose Maniacs.

Pose in pic 2: SAAL at the She & Him event.



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