Hair Fair 2013

You might have seen all the pics I’ve posted on Flickr with hairdo’s from the Hair Fair. I picked up my favorite ones but of course there are lots and lots more. About the fair:

Over 80 incredibly talented hair creators from all over Second Life have come together for this event, NEW and Veterans. There will be hundreds of Exclusive to the event items, only available at Hair Fair during this time. A donation of ALL purchases at Hair Fair 2013 goes to Wigs for Kids, and 100% of all Bandana Sales and Kiosk Donations go to Wigs for Kids also. Hair Fair DEMO Group has been receiving DEMOS from all stores participating since yesterday, so please join so that you can try the hair on before you visit, and remember to DEPRIM.




Hair Fair 2013 - sYs


Hair Fair 2013 - EMO-tions2

Tableau Vivant:

Hair Fair 2013 - Tableau Vivant

Eaters Coma:

Hair Fair 2013 - Eaters Coma


Hair Fair 2013 - Mina


Hair Fair 2013 - Mons


Hair Fair 2013 - Exile


Hair Fair 2013 - pr!tty


Hair Fair 2013 - (r)M


Hair Fair 2013 - Lelutka

Taxi to the Hair Fair!



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