Lets have a picnic!

I wanted to show you this lovely picnic blanket from [Circa], it has 24 sit anims (m/f) and a pillow with 12 anims, coffee cups, books and a laptop. Great thing about this is: it is 50% off at the H&G Designer Warehouse. Of course it is no picnic if there’s no food or drinks. The soda bucket and the goodie basket gives items to you and your friends 🙂 I also wanted to inform you about the group gift from the new furniture store 11th hour which will be out tomorrow, may 1st. This totem pole looks really great in the grass, between the trees or even in your house!

[Circa] Picnic blanket

Credits in 1st pic:

Picnic blanket: [CIRCA] Sunnyside picnic blanket set in pink & leaf for the H&G Designer Warehouse. 50% off till may 2nd.

Birdhouse, Soda bucket and Basket of goodies: [CIRCA]

Dock: :CP: Bae Dock.

Boat: THE Beachstore, Romantic Boat.

Groupgift Eleventh hour

Credits in 2nd pic:

Totem pole: 11th Hour, group gift! (may 1st) But only for VIP group members. (300L to join)

Location: my home 😀

Have a great day! ❤



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