A peek inside my skybox.

Today the first post about furnishing and decorating. Here’s a look inside my skybox, it still needs some work but I love how it turned out already. Most of the things are from TA and a new store called 11th hour. Nico from TA does a great job on decorating and details as well as on building complete furniture sets. River from 11th hour has made a beautiful start by building these amazing pieces of furniture. I took quite some pics but I suggest you go to their stores and take a look for yourself.






The skybox is from Scarlet Creative and is called: Saturday morning.

Credits in the first pic:

Furniture set and Recall bookshelf: 11th Hour,  Metro collection in beige.

Rug: ~BAZAR~ from the Arizona set.

Flatscreen: Damani, MediaPro viewer.

Credits in the second pic:

Dresser and seats: 11th Hour, Etched IN collection in beach.

Pictures: ~BAZAR~ from the memories livingroom set.

Credits in the third pic:

Private bar set: TA.

Wall arrangement: Trompe Loeil at FaMeshed.

Credits in the fourth and fifth pic:

Bed: TA, Panorama bed.

VideoCam: TA.

Wall decal: 11th Hour, Say love.

Bedside table: PILOT, McCoy bedside table.

Privacy screen: ~BAZAR~ from the Arizona set.

Plant: ~BAZAR~, Aloe vera plant.

Vases: ~BAZAR~, Black tall vases.

Side table and books clutter: ~BAZAR~, livingroom side table from the Arizona set.

Location: Home sweet Home 😀

Have a great sunday!



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