And more goodies @ Fantasy Faire 2013!

* * Fantasy Faire 2013, April 20 – 28th * *
A group for the FF Committee, Creators, Designers & Entertainment participants 2013

SL’s largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers. A week of commerce, special events, music & fundraising over 10 sims for Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.

And it’s OPEN! Have a look at these pics for more great finds there! 😀

EMO-tions hair:




Trident alchemy tables:

Trident Alchemy

Trident Alchemy2

FATEwear outfit, Trident alchemist backpack and belt and Musa celtic nails:

fatewear and Trident

fatewear and Trident2

fatewear and Trident2 detail

Swan evil chair, scribe desk and MeadowWorks torch:


Swan scribe desk and MeadowWorks light


MeadowWorks “Sleeper” sculpture and moonflower vines:




Now hurry on over there! There are 10 sims with beautiful creations and the great thing is it’s for a good cause!

Below all LM’s:

American cancer society.

Fairelands Junction.


Crimson Fields.

Evensong Woods.

Titans Hollow.

The DragonSpire.

Valley of IshNar.


Lotus Valley Dream.




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