Oh my.. I’m such a shoe addict! But also hair, clothes, skin.. Omg I’m an everything addict! Anyway.. I found this really cute store with such nice things. The shoes I’m wearing come with the socks and also a whole outfit! I saw that the shoes can be bought seperately but I bought the whole outfit. I’m also wearing the leggings in this pic. The warm dress I’m wearing is from my favorite mesh store: Coldlogic. Enough rambling, here are the pics and credits:

Skin: League, Isla (sunkiss)

Lips: CandyDoll (essential pack, cream)

Teeth: Redgrave (part of Bella skin)

Hair: Truth, Portia (Quince, w/roots)

Facial piercings: [EY:NO], Dramatic piercings

Necklace 1 plus earrings: Maxi Gossamer, Angelika

Necklace 2: Amorous, Not Granny’s Necklace

Dress plus belt: Coldlogic, Frankel (Ebony)

Armwarmers, leggings and shoes: .:.*{ S.G }*.:., Part of the Nana outfit (Dark)

Have a great saturday everyone!



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